TAO Bittensor Layer 2 TAOevm

The Bittensor TAO Layer 2 Solution for EVM compatibility and Enhanced Blockchain Efficiency.

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100,000 Transactions Per Second

TAOevm boasts an impressive 100,000 TPS, outpacing TAO Bittensor subtensor and other leading blockchains like Solana. This high speed is crucial for applications needing fast confirmations and high throughput, ensuring peak performance.

Layer 2 solution for
Bittensor TAO

With TAO Bittensor subtensor blockchain facing challenges in speed and user-friendliness, TAOevm serves as a streamlined Layer 2 solution that enhances transaction speeds and interactions.
This secondary layer addresses these critical issues, providing a smoother and more efficient blockchain experience.

Low Transaction Fees

TAOevm offers incredibly low  transaction fees, down to just 0.00003 TAO. This cost efficiency enhances affordability for all applications, from microtransactions to complex DeFi operations.

Hybrid Proof of Work

TAOevm employs a Hybrid Proof of Work (HPoW) system, combining the best aspects of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. This innovative approach not only enhances network security but also positions TAOevm as one of the least energy-consuming blockchains globally.

EVM Compatibility

TAOevm is fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine, making it easy for developers to port existing Ethereum-based applications.

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